Go by Example: Channel Synchronization

We can use channels to synchronize execution across goroutines. Here’s an example of using a blocking receive to wait for a goroutine to finish. When waiting for multiple goroutines to finish, you may prefer to use a WaitGroup.

package main
import (

This is the function we’ll run in a goroutine. The done channel will be used to notify another goroutine that this function’s work is done.

func worker(done chan bool) {

Send a value to notify that we’re done.

    done <- true
func main() {

Start a worker goroutine, giving it the channel to notify on.

    done := make(chan bool, 1)
    go worker(done)

Block until we receive a notification from the worker on the channel.

$ go run channel-synchronization.go      

If you removed the <- done line from this program, the program would exit before the worker even started.

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